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Activities for Recreational Players

These are the practice plans for the U6 training sessions for the Spring 2022 season:

These activities are created by our SASC Director of Coaching (Andrew Ransome).

Rec. Coach Training meeting material Ideas and concepts for coaching all rec age groups
U6 Practice Plan #1 Complete practice plans for the U6/7 age group
U6 Practice Plan #2
U8 Practice Plan #1 Complete practice plans for the U8 age group
U8 Practice Plan #2
U10 Practice Plan #1 Complete practice plans for the U10 age group
U10 Practice Plan #2
U12 Practice Plan #1 Complete practice plans for the U12 age group
U12 Practice Plan #2
Playing Onside Explanation of FIFA Law 11 - Offside
2v2 Using the 2v2 format to introduce the game to new players
Introducing Challenges Using small-sided games to practice introducing challenges
U6 Safari Soccer Take your ball on a soccer safari
U8 Inside Using the inside of the foot
U10 Juggle Introduction to juggling a ball

Feel free to contact if you have questions on any of these.


SASC YouTube Channel

The SASC YouTube Channel has a wide variety of instructional videos available for players of all ages.
Check back periodically, as the SASC coaches are frequently uploading new material.

Tommy Thompson (From the SJ Earthquakes) Footwork Videos

There are dozens of different activities from Tommy in his complete YouTube playlist.

Game Videos

The Story of the 2019 Women's World Cup

Highlights: 2019-05-31 Sunnyvale Alliance Senior Night