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SASC Coach / Manager Registration

The information on this page relates to both the SASC Competitive and SASC Recreational programs.

Please make sure to use your full legal name on all documents and forms.

Important Information

SASC has migrated to a new registration system. This document shows a detailed walk-through of the new process

Registration Process Summary

All adults working with SASC players in either the Recreational program or the Competitive program must complete both online registration and a set of required training steps.

This includes Coaches, Assistant Coaches, parent helpers, Age Group Coordinators, team managers (for competitive teams), and anyone who could be "in charge" of the players at any time. For simplicity, the rest of this page will just use the term "Coach/Manager".

  • Online Registration
    • Coaches/Managers must complete this registration before every Fall season (or Spring if they were not registered in Fall)

  • Required Training
    1. Background Check (LiveScan Fingerprinting)
      • Coaches/Managers usually need to perform this step for SASC only once.
        The only reason this step is needed is if:
        • It has NEVER been completed for SASC before, or
        • There has been a 2-year interruption in coach/manager registration.

    2. SafeSport Certification
      • All Coaches/Managers must complete this online certification every Fall (or Spring if they were not registered in Fall)
      • Returning Coaches/Managers complete a shorter "refresher" version of the course, while first-time Coaches/Managers complete the full-length course.

    3. Concussion Awareness Certification
    4. Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Certification
      • The required training for both Concussion Awareness and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness is consolidated into a single online course.
      • All Coaches/Managers must complete these online certifications every Fall (or Spring if they were not registered in Fall)

Detailed Registration Steps

Online Coach/Manager Registration Details

  • Go to the SportsAffinity registration website
  • Click on the "Registration" button (top right of page)
  • Select the season you want to register for (runs from Fall of one year to the Spring of the next year)
  • Select the "Coach/Manager" registration type
  • Enter your username/password.
    • (Fall 2020) Returning users will have to use the "Forgot Password" function to proceed.
      All is explained in this Fall2020 document
  • Follow the instructions and proceed through the screens
  • Upload a new photo if needed/requested
  • For simplicity, we recommend you accept all the ELAs (Electronic Legal Agreements) on the final page, and then return to do the online training courses.

Required Training/Certification Details

  • Go to the SportsAffinity registration website
  • Click on the "User Login" button (top left of page)
  • There are a series of horizontal tabs below your picture:

  • Under the "Applications" tab you can see your current "Risk Status".
  • If it says "Approved" you do not need to do a Background Check.
    If you do need to perform a Background Check, then take the filled-out LiveScan Form you received in your registration confirmation email to a Capital LiveScan vendor who will process the form and take your fingerprints.

    This is the pre-filled out form to use.

    The following location will perform this at no charge to you:

      UPS Store (shopping center w/Bed, Bath & Beyond on Stevens Creek @ Lawrence Expressway)
      5255 Stevens Creek Boulevard
      Santa Clara, CA 95051
      (408) 243-1855

  • Under the "Certificates" tab you will see the status of your SafeSport and Concussion/Cardiac Arrest Certifications.
  • Follow the links provided to get to the online training courses.
    The status on this page will automatically update to reflect completing the courses (although not immediately).

For more information, please contact the SASC Competitive Registrar