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SASC Coach / Manager Registration

All adults working with SASC players in either the Recreational or Competitive programs must complete the registration requirements shown below. This includes Coaches, Assistant Coaches, parent helpers, Age Group Coordinators, team managers (for competitive teams), and anyone who could be "in charge" of the players at any time. For simplicity, the rest of this page will just use the term "Coach".

Note that Competitive Coaches may have additional requirements.

Please make sure to use your full legal name on all documents and forms.

NOTE - starting in 2023, California Law AB506 states that all of our volunteer and paid youth athletic coaches and assistant coaches are "Mandated Reporters" and must be provided specific training. The specifics of how to take this training and report your compliance is at the bottom of this page in the blue box.

Registration Process Summary

The Adult registration process is managed via the GotSport website.

All new Coaches must create a GotSport Account

  • It is very important that you use this special link in order for your account to be associated with Sunnyvale Alliance.
    • This causes the correct set of SASC requirements to be added to your account
  • Please add a photo to your account, it should be a head and shoulders, passport style photo with no hats or sunglasses. This will be used for your coach pass if required

Logging into GotSport

  • Please log into GotSport using this link
  • If you don't have the appropriate Sunnyvale Alliance requirements shown on your Dashboard, then use this special link to have them added

GotSport Dashboard

Once you are logged in to GotSport, select the 'Dashboard' tab on the left side of the top menu bar to see the status of your required elements.
  • If you don't see the Sunnyvale Alliance Logo as below, then click here to have it added.

Note that the requirements shown will differ depending if you are are registering as a Recreational coach, Competitive coach, or both.
  • Each requirement will be shown as either 'Fulfilled' or 'Required'.

  • In order to complete any unfulfilled requirement, click on the corresponding 'Details' link and follow the instructions. You will need to follow a link to an external website to complete the certification. Make sure you use the same email address for these sites, as this is how your completed certification is tied back to your GotSport Dashboard
A short how-to video is here (1:45)
This document has step-by-step explanations for completing the various requirements.

Detailed Registration Requirements

All Coaches must complete the following four requirements:
  1. Live Scan Fingerprinting
    • Coaches/Managers usually need to perform this requirement for SASC only once.
      The only reason this requirement is needed is if:
      • It has NEVER been completed for SASC before, or
      • There has been a 2-year interruption in coach/manager registration.

    • To complete this requirement, do the following:
      • Email the appropriate SASC registrar and request a Live Scan pre-paid coupon code:
      • Log into the CalNorth Live Scan website:
        • Select "Use My Prepaid Code for Live Scan Fingerprinting"
        • Enter your email address. You will now receive an email with a login code
        • Enter the login code and continue
        • Enter the pre-paid Live Scan code you previously received from the SASC Registrar
        • For "District/League/Club", please select "253 - Sunnyvale Alliance Soccer Club"
          (It's currently at the very bottom of the pull-down list, but that may change)
        • Select a convenient Live Scan service center and make an appointment time
        • A completed Live Scan request form will be generated and sent to you.
          This includes a proof of payment QR code
      • At the appointed time, go to the selected Live Scan service center to get fingerprinted.
        Make sure to either bring a hardcopy of the request form, or the QR code on your phone

  2. Background Check
    • This is an online background check. It just takes a few minutes to complete the form
    • Once this initial form is submitted, you will receive an email from "JDP and US Club Soccer"
    • This email has a link to JDP's website where you must complete part 2 of the screening application
    • It will take a few days from this point to finally receive your clearance

  3. SafeSport Certification
    • This is a Federal requirement for all youth coaches
    • For first-time coaches, the initial SafeSport certification takes approx. 60-90 minutes to complete
    • For returning coaches, the SafeSport "refresher" certification takes approx. 30 minutes to complete

  4. Introduction to Safety (a.k.a. "Introduction to Safe and Healthy Playing Environments")
    • This is a legal requirement from the State of California
    • This includes concussion and sudden cardiac arrest training
    • Unlike SafeSport, you do not receive a certificate at the completion of this course. Instead, we need you to take a screen shot of your US Soccer 'profile' showing it is completed and email that to us.
      This document shows exactly how to take the snapshot
Requirements 2,3,4 above must be completed annually (generally in the Fall).

CA AB506 Mandated Reporter Training

Starting in 2023, California Law AB506 states that all of our volunteer and paid youth athletic coaches and assistant coaches are "Mandated Reporters" and must be provided specific training.

  • This training need only be performed once per coach for SASC. If you have completed this requirement for another organization, then please contact our SASC Club Admin
  • New coaches to SASC have one season of grace-period before they are required to complete the training
The training is offered in two formats: After receiving your Mandated Reporter training, please take this quiz to confirm your knowledge and record your compliance to SASC.

For more information, please contact the SASC Recreational Registrar