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SASC Competitive Soccer Player Registration

This information is for Competitive Soccer Player registration only.

For information on Recreational soccer player registration, please see the Recreational Player Registration page.
For information on Coach registration, see the Coach/Adult Registration page.

Spring 2021 Important Information

  • Online player registration for the Spring 2021 season will be announced here when details are known.

Player Registration Information

Registration Fees:

  • SASC player registration fees vary between team and age group. Players will receive their registration invitation email for the appropriate team.
  • Payment is via a required payment plan.
  • Registration fees are payable via credit card, debit card, ACH (direct withdrawal) or approved Financial Aid.

Volunteer Fee:

  • SASC, like most clubs, depends on volunteers in order to provide the experience we want for all of our players. We require a 3 hour volunteer commitment from each competitive family each season. (Six hours for families receiving SASC Financial Aid)
  • There is a $100 refundable Volunteer Fee added as part of Competitive registration process. Once a family has completed their volunteer hours, they can submit a refund request.
  • In order to be refunded, a family member, or responsible teenaged player, must complete a volunteer commitment for the club as listed on our volunteer sign up page. Team based volunteering, such as canopies, parties etc, do not qualify as meeting the club based volunteer commitment. Official Team Managers and Age Group Managers (with background checks) will not need to pay the fee.

Financial Aid:

  • Information on SASC Financial Aid is available on the SASC Financial Aid page.
  • Your invitation-to-register email will include a link to the Financial Aid application form.
  • All requests will be reviewed within 3-5 days, and applicants will receive an email with further registration instructions.
  • Please do not proceed before receiving those instructions

Refund policy:

For more information, please contact the SASC Competitive Registrar