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SASC Fields Information

Field Status

Sunnyvale Soccer Complex:

Sunnyvale City Fields:

  • City of Sunnyvale Fields Hotline: (408) 730-7585
    (Does not include Sunnyvale Soccer Complex status)

SASC "Kick Line"

  • (408) 733-KICK    or    (408) 733-5425
  • This is a recorded message indicating SASC field status (both SSC and City fields)
  • Updated by 12:00pm on days when weather is a factor

Sunnyvale Soccer Complex (SSC)


SSC Field Layout (Fall 2021)

field pic

Sunnyvale Soccer Complex Policies

  • No drone flying at SSC.
  • No pets allowed (on or off leash) in the complex.
  • Parking is only allowed in the parking lot. No street parking on Teal Drive.
    Do not park in the far right lot past the dumpsters before 6pm on weekdays.
  • Bicycles must be walked onto the field. Do not ride bicycles on the field.
  • If you are the first game of the day on a field you will have to set up. If you are the last game, put the equipment away. If no one is playing immediately after you, put the equipment away. This includes all flags and goals.

The King's Academy (TKA)


The King's Academy Usage Guidelines

  • No pets allowed (on or off leash) on this field.
  • Sunnyvale teams are responsible for removing all trash from the entire field area.
  • Only water is allowed. No food on the field.
  • Spectators must remain on the other side of the field to the players/coaches.
  • No metal cleats.
field pic

Main Sunnyvale Fields

Hollenbeck/Challenger School 1185 Hollenbeck Ave, Sunnyvale CA 94087
Cherry Chase Elementary School 1138 Heatherstone Way, Sunnyvale CA 94087
Cumberland Elementary School 824 Cumberland Dr, Sunnyvale CA 94087
Cupertino Middle School 1650 S. Bernardo Ave, Sunnyvale CA 94087
DeAnza Park 1150 Lime Dr, Sunnyvale CA 94087
Ellis Elementary School 550 E. Olive Ave, Sunnyvale CA 94087
Nimitz Elementary School 545 E. Cheyenne Dr, Sunnyvale CA 94087
Serra Park 739 The Dalles Ave, Sunnyvale CA 94087
Sunnyvale Middle School 1080 Mango Ave, Sunnyvale CA 94087
Vargas Elementary School 1054 Carson Dr, Sunnyvale CA 94087
West Valley Elementary School 1635 Belleville Way, Sunnyvale CA 94087