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SASC Recreational Soccer - Information for Coaches


Required actions for all coaches

  • Identify yourself as wanting to coach by either marking your intent on your player's registration, or by contacting the SASC Recreational Director
  • You must clear your background checks as well as State and Federally mandated online training before you can begin coaching
  • Attend a pre-season coaches meeting (online) where important information is provided
  • Attend an on-field pre-season coach training session. You will receive age-appropriate instructions for running practices, and will be issued all required equipment from the club (balls, cones, etc…)
  • Pick up the uniforms for your players and distribute them before the season starts
  • Hold a pre-season parents meeting - recruit volunteers for various tasks (assistant coach, setting up goals, snacks, end-of-season party etc…)
Coaches get a refund of half their child's registration fee after completion of all required tasks.


The day, time and location for team practices is entirely your choice. SASC will have permits for a number of City of Sunnyvale fields during the season (but you may be able to share with others on non-permitted fields). For certain age groups (U6 & U8), SASC provides a group practice session for all teams at a specific location and time(s) each week.

Practices can start 2 weeks before the first game day. SASC suggests teams practice as follows:
  • U6-U8 : 45-60 mins, once a week
  • U10 : 60 mins, once (or twice) a week
  • U12+ : 60-75 mins, typically twice a week
There must always be a minimum of two registered/cleared adults present at each practice. The coach should not leave practice until all players have been picked up. Again, make sure there are two adults present until the last player is picked up.


Each coach is expected to hold a pre-season meeting where you can discuss with the parents your expectations and potential ways they can be involved. Some of the opportunities include:
  • Become an assistant coach
  • Setting up/taking down goals (U7+)
  • Unlocking/locking port-a-pottie on game-day as needed (if you are the first/last game of the day)
  • Being the "team referee" (for U6/U7 only)
  • Organizing snacks, end-of-season party, etc...


Coaches should always set a good example for behavior.
Please respect the decisions of the referees regardless of whether you agree with their judgment. The club has many youth referees who are learning, just like the players. Beginning referees are typically in control of games at the youngest age groups and progress to older age groups with experience.

Game Days

Please make sure to meet your opposing coach each game day to see how their season is going. Remember your mutual job is to create the best game possible for both teams! If there is a imbalance between the teams, coaches are expected to make adjustments to try and make the game more enjoyable for all. Coach Andrew can provide techniques for achieving this.

Only a maximum of 2 adults may be on the players side of the field during games. These adults must be registered/cleared. No adult is permitted on the field of play without the permission of the referee. No spectator or coach is permitted behind the end-line or near the goals.

Please make sure games start and finish on time so the rest of the games that day can stay on schedule (take your players away from the sideline to a safe area for post-game snacks/discussion).

Coach Education

SASC recreational coaches (including assistant coaches) can receive reimbursement for the registration cost for USSF "Grassroots" courses. Please refer to the SASC Coach Education Reimbursement Policy

Coaching Resources

A library of activities, including video demonstrations, is available for our younger age groups on our Online Coaching Resources page.

For more information, please contact us at: