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If you are an experienced and licensed coach and are interested in coaching with SASC, please fill out this application form. Once we evaluate your credentials, we will follow up if there is an appropriate opening.

SASC Coaching Leadership

Director of Coaching

Andrew Ransome
(408) 202-6490

Coaching Education / Licenses

  • USSF A License, National Youth License, Fitness 1 License
  • NSCAA Premier Diploma, Goalkeeper I & II Diplomas, Director of Coaching Diploma
  • NSCAA Associate Staff Instructor
  • English FA License
  • CYSA Instructor
  • NFHS High School Coaching Certificate
  • M.S., Exercise Physiology
  • 2005 Positive Coaching Alliance Double-Goal Coach Award National Finalist
  • 2013 Cal-North District II and State Competitive Coach of the Year

Technical Director

Adam Clarke

Coaching Education / Licenses

  • NSCAA Premier Diploma
  • NCSAA Small Sided Games Diploma
  • CYSA E/D License
  • Bachelor of Science, Concordia University, Irvine
  • 2014 Cal-North District II and State Competitive Coach of the Year

Technical Director
(Player Development)

Christopher Sullivan

Coaching Education / Licenses

Coaching Experience:
  • USSF B License
  • U18 USMNT Guest Assistant Coach
  • Trained USMNT/USWNT, Serie A, MLS, and NCAA National Champions players
Playing Experience:
  • World Cup 1990
  • German, French, Swedish, Hungarian, and MLS Leagues
Analyst Experience:
  • BeIN Sports
  • Co-Host Counter Attack on Sirius XM Radio
  • Fox Soccer Channel
  • Pac12 Sports Soccer Analyst

SASC Coaching Staff

Ricardo Alvarez

Heber Arragon
(669) 285-4759

Jose Casas
(408) 204-1440

Jeff Dean

Guido Graziosi
(408) 515-9178

Lindsey Heen
(408) 829-7758

Ahmed Malik
(408) 396-2458

Tibor Polgar
(408) 257-3680

Jordan Yan
(408) 691-6117

Tim Yordan
(408) 234-2806