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For most age groups, the team's volunteer coach selects the day/time and location for your practices. Practices will start 1-2 weeks before the first game day. SASC suggests teams practice as follows:
  • U6-U8 : 45-60 mins, once a week
  • U10 : 60 mins, once (or twice) a week
  • U12+ : 60-75 mins, typically twice a week


Parents are expected to assist the volunteer coach as much as possible. Each team will have a pre-season meeting where parents and coach can discuss potential ways they can be involved. Some of the opportunities include:
  • Become an assistant coach
  • Setting up/taking down goals (U7+)
  • Unlocking/locking port-a-pottie on game-day as needed (if you are the first/last game of the day)
  • Being the "team referee" (for U6/U7 only)
  • Organizing snacks, end-of-season party, etc...

Player Equipment Rules

  • Must wear shin guards
  • Must wear long socks covering shin guards
  • Must NOT wear any kind of jewelry items (incl. earrings)
  • Soccer shoes not required but STRONGLY recommended. Referees will not allow anyone wearing illegal shoes from participating (cannot have a baseball-style toe cleat)
  • Note that SASC provides a "cleat exchange" before each season where any SASC player can come and select a pre-owned set of cleats, or other donated equipment. Sometimes this includes soccer balls, shirts, shorts and soccer socks. Used soccer equipment is not required to "exchange" but is greatly appreciated.
  • Players are also strongly urged to provide their own appropriately-sized soccer ball


All coaches attend the mandatory pre-season Coaches Meeting several weeks before the season starts. Coaches will receive their team's roster, with player contact information (assuming they have completed required background checks and are cleared to coach). Coaches will contact all players within the first week, identify themselves, give contact information and provide practice information.


Parents should set a good example for behavior. Limit comments to enthusiastic cheers and positive comments for both teams. We actively encourage the ideals promoted by the Positive Coaching Alliance. SASC provides free access to the "Second-Goal Parent" course.

Please respect the decisions of the referees regardless of whether you agree with their judgment. The club has many youth referees who are learning, just like the players. Beginning referees are typically in control of games at the youngest age groups and progress to older age groups with experience.

No adult is permitted on the field of play without the permission of the referee. No spectator or coach is permitted behind the end-line or near the goals. Please arrive at practices and games at the specified time, and remove any trash as you leave.

Let your child know that they should behave in a courteous way, that they should give their coach their attention and follow directions, and that sportsmanlike conduct is required at all times. Keep your comments before, during, and after the game positive, for both teams. Nurture your child's love of the sport, self-respect and desire to do their best.

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