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U7/8 age group detail

Introduction of U7/8 age group

In the case where there are insufficient players to form a pure U7 age group, SASC will combine the U7 players into the U8 age group and use the "U7/8" age group playing format.

This playing format is similar to the usual U8 format with the following changes:

  • Smaller field (40 x 30 yards) vs. (50 x 35 yards)
  • Smaller goals (5' x 10') vs (6'6" x 12')
  • Use of a 'no-go' goal-area (4'x12') instead of a much larger penalty area (30'x72').
    • If a player from either team, other than the GK, plays the ball in the no-go goal area, the resulting restart is a goal-kick
    • This helps to protect the very young and inexperienced GKs from collisions.
All other elements introduced for the U8 format are included here:
  • Goal-Keeper
  • Throw-ins (with one retry)
  • Corner kicks (with corner flags)
  • Build-out line (to the half-way line)
  • Club-provided Referee
U7/8 field layout