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SASC U6 Recreational Soccer Program

U6 Practice Plans

These are the practice plans that Coach Andrew will work from during the Friday practice sessions:

U6 Program Details

This page provides details for the U6 soccer program (boys and girls).

For the Spring 2022 season, this will involve players born in 2016 and 2017.


  • Each team will be made up of ~6-7 players
  • Players can request to play with friends or particular coaches
  • Each team is required to have one parent volunteer as the coach
  • It is highly recommended to have a second parent as assistant coach
  • Each team is required to have one (or more) parent volunteer as team referee
  • Other parents can optionally support the team by organizing game-day snacks, end-of season party, etc...

Parent Coaches

The parent coach will have the following responsibilities:
  • Attending a pre-season coaches meeting for league logistics information
  • Collecting the team's uniforms and distributing them to the players
  • Collecting the team's equipment (including pop-up goals, cones and pinnies)
  • Bringing the equipment to each game, setting out the pop-up goals, and taking them home
  • Bringing the equipment to each practice, as well as the pre-season clinic, and setting up as instructed
  • Managing the team on game day

Parent Referee

The parent referee(s) will have the following responsibilities. Note that this parent must be someone different from the team coach.
  • Attending the pre-season U6/U7 referee clinic
  • Referee half of each game (the parent ref from the other team will do the other half)
  • You are free to teach other parents what to do and let them referee
  • These reference documents give a good introduction of what is involved (it's very simple):


Nimitz layout All U6 teams (Boys and Girls) will practice on Friday afternoons at: First practice will be Friday 3/18, and will continue every Friday when there is a game the following Saturday (remember - there are no games on 4/16 and 5/28)

Teams will be assigned one of two time slots (4:15-5pm, or 5:15-6pm), and one of two field areas ("North" or "South") via the Club's communication / scheduling tool (BYGA). Those assignments stay constant throughout the season.

Each week, a practice plan with age-appropriate activities will be provided to the coaches by SASC Director of Coaching (DOC), Andrew Ransome (see below).

Every other week, teams will participate in a professionally led practice session where the activities will be explained and demonstrated - team coaches will always be directly supervising the players on their own team.

The teams which are not participating in the professionally led practices will run their own independent practice sessions, but are welcome to "look in" on the other group.

The teams involved with Coach Andrew alternate every other week.

Note that coaches are free to organize their own additional practice session at another location and day of the week of their choosing. This would be completely optional. Check with the SASC Recreational Director for City of Sunnyvale fields where we have permits.

Pre-Season U6 Clinic

On Saturday, March 12th (one week before regular season games start) there will be a player clinic for all U6 teams run by Coach Andrew, held at Nimitz Elementary School, 545 E. Cheyenne Dr. Sunnyvale CA 94087

Teams will be assigned a time slot (9am, 10am, 11am, 12pm) via the Club's schedule tool (BYGA). Please only come in the assigned time to avoid overcrowding at the field.


vargas layout Each Saturday, all teams will play their games at: There will be three fields laid out on the grass area (labeled A, B, C - with A being closest to the street). Players/Coaches are on one side of the field, and parents are on the other side.

A schedule of games will be published on the Club's communication / scheduling tool (BYGA) approximately a week before the start of the season indicating which field and time each game will be played. Games could have start times of 9am, 10am, 11am or 12pm.

Games start at the top of the hour and are played as 4 quarters of 10 minutes each, with a maximum of 2-3 minutes break between. Please be aware of the time, and reduce the length of the quarters in order to complete the game in time for the following teams to get set up and ready to play. Have your snacks and oranges after the game, not at half-time.

Game Day Coaching

On each game day, the coach is responsible for the following:
  • Set up / take down the pop-up goals
  • Making sure a parent referee is available (not the coach)
  • Getting 4 kids on the field, and the game started on time
  • Rotate subs periodically (everyone plays)
  • Finish the game and clear the area in time for the next game to start on time
Please ensure games start and finish on time by avoiding extended warm-ups, pre-game / half-time speeches, positions, plays & tactics.

Just let the kids play the game and have fun!

For more information, please contact us at: