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Become a Referee

Summer 2022 Referee Grassroots Training Class

Interested in becoming a Referee?

SASC players (also parents and coaches) are welcome to participate in an upcoming Grassroots Entry Level Referee training class.

For the players, this is a great opportunity for a well paying job where they can not only get valuable job experience (resumes, job reference, etc) but also manage/organize a work schedule. As a bonus, they'll hopefully understand the game in a different way and for sure develop greater respect for the referees that officiate the games they are playing in.

Here are the steps if interested:
  • Follow the instructions at to create an account with US Soccer Learning Center
    • The student must be 13 years or older to register for the class
    • For those 18 years or older, you'll also need to complete a SafeSport / background check. It can take 5-10 days to clear a background check

  • Once account registration is complete, sign up for an online course and its associated field clinic (see below for links)

  • The student will need to finish all modules (approximately 10-12 hours) and pass the test before attending their field clinic

  • The field clinic details and corresponding registration links are as follows (only one required):
Please contact if you have any questions.