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Fall 2020 - Saturday Training Pod FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

  • What safety precautions are in place?
    • SASC has designed protocols that are compliant with county and state mandates and guidelines, including health-screening check-in procedures, isolated stable coaching groups, and socially distanced activities.

  • Who's running the sessions?
    • A professional SASC staff coach with potential assistance from one background-checked and safety-trained volunteer coach.

  • How big is the coaching group?
    • Under the current county and state guidelines, groups will be limited to a maximum of 14 players plus a coach.

  • Can my son/daughter practice with their friends?
    • Yes, please include friend requests on your application so that we can group your child with their friends.

  • What is socially-distanced training?
    • Players will follow a curriculum that requires them to practice at least 6-feet away from other players and coach(es).
    • Activities may include sharing soccer balls, but must maintain social-distancing.
    • Different groups of players cannot currently interact, meaning no scrimmages, either within the group or against other groups are currently allowed.

  • If we can't play, what will we learn?
    • There are many elements of the game that can be trained, including dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting, as well as footwork, agility, balance, and coordination activities.

  • Can I watch my son/daughter?
    • Parents are not permitted within the boundaries of the soccer complex due to social-distance protocols.
    • Parents can watch from the parking lot provided they remain socially-distanced.

  • Does my son/daughter need to wear a mask during training?
    • Players will be required to wear a mask to and from their coaching area within the soccer complex.
    • Players do not need to wear a mask while actively exercising , but may choose to do so.
    • Coaches will wear masks at all times

  • What does my son/daughter need to bring?
    • A mask, a size appropriate soccer ball and water
    • Soccer cleats are recommended but not required, especially for the youngest players
    • Soccer shin guards are recommended but not required. When player interaction is allowed shin guards will be required, so it is recommended players wear them from the beginning to develop good habits.

  • What sanitization procedures are in place?
    • Players will be required to use hand sanitizer upon entering/exiting the complex.
    • All restrooms are sanitized after a single use.
    • Training equipment is sanitized after each session.

    SASC is constantly reviewing our safety and training protocols and adheres to the most current county and state guidelines. If more interaction is permitted within and between groups, we will inform you of these changes prior to implementation.

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